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DESCRIPTION: Solar Rechargeable Battery Charger For iPhone 4S 3GS Motorola Samsung Nokia
MATERIAL: Metal, Fireproof plastic

Solar Rechargeable Battery Charger For iPhone 4S 3GS Motorola Samsung Nokia

Color Available : PINK/BLUE/BLACK
Please write down your favourite color in your paypal payment note ! if no declaration,we will send this item out in Black !
Green Solar Charger

Its output voltage can be adjusted from 4.5V to 9V.
It is good accessories for your cell phone ( mobile phone ), digital camera, MP3 Player, MP4 Player, iPod, iPhone 3G / 3GS, PSP, GPS, DV and other digital products.
Moreover, the AC charge feature is deigned for continual overcast days when there is no sunlight. With this AC charger, user can charge this charging / discharging solar device with AC 100V - 240V (suitable for all countries).
- Easy to use: no matter when and where you can easily recharge your cell phone or other digital products.
- High efficiency: just recharging 60 minutes, can talk online 100-150 minutes.
- Energy saving & environment protection: use green energy, the solar chargers, let us work together to contribute to environment protection.
- LED Lights: a high-brightness far horizon LED lights, can working more than 30 hours to facilitate the use of emergency and at night.
- Safety for use: a rechargeable power management features to protect and effectively extend the battery life, keep you use safety.
- Battery Capacity Indicator: the percentage of charged capacity is shown as 25%, 50%, 75% & 100% fully charged. It is easy to check the charging status of this solar charger.
So, this solar mobile charger package is the ideal backup power supply for business trip, travelling, long distance journey or wildness working.
Solar Panels : 0.8W, 5.5V, 150mA
AC input : AC 100V - 240V
DC input during charging : DC 5V 500mA
DC ouput during discharging : DC 4.5V, 5.5V, 6.5V, 9V (selectable) 800mA
Capacity of built in Lithium Battery : 2600mAh
Weight of Solar Charger : ~124.5g ( 610ct )
Size of Solar Charger : 125 mm X 77 mm X 13 mm
Fully charging time by AC charging : ~ 3-5 hours
Fully charging time by Solar charging : ~ 10 - 15 hours ( depend on the power of sunlight )
Color Available : Black
Items Included:
2600mAh Solar Charger X 1pc
AC adaptor X 1pc
AC input line X 1pc
charge output line X 1pc
plug adaptors X 1set (6 pcs) - for some cell phones (for iPhone, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Siemens, Sonyericsson)

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